Available Majors at Music School

A "major" is the subject that a student at university or college will choose to specialize in. Students choose a major at school to focus on studying, and it's also possible to do a double major, which entails choosing two majors and completing the coursework for both. There is also a "minor," which is a secondary area of focus; this is optional.

Not all schools will offer every possible major--make sure to check in advance what majors the school you're applying to offers.

Here are the majors that one can choose as a music student:

Jazz Majors

  • Jazz Performance

Classical Majors

  • Classical Performance

Majors available to both jazz and classical students:

  • Composition

  • Music Education (Bachelors in Music)

  • Music History/Musicology

  • Music Theory

  • Sound Recording

  • Music Technology

  • Music in Arts