Overview of a Music College Audition

Applying and auditioning for a university, college, or conservatory for music is a totally different process than applying to study another subject.

So, what's in a music audition?

Many music schools have different specific requirements. But the basics are typically the same. Here's what they include:

  1. Application

Like non-music applications, music schools have applications that are made up of various parts. These can include any combination of the following elements (click on the links below each element for resources and tips):

2. Prescreening*

  • Some music schools may require a pre-screening audition video. A pre-screening is a video recording of the applicant performing certian repertoire, often specified by the school. Pre-screenings determine which applicants are allowed to continue to the audition round.

3. Audition

  • The audition is the biggest part of a music audition.

  • Auditions can either be in-person, at the school or at a regional audition location, OR they can be pre-recorded. Most schools recomend auditioning in-person at the school if possible.

  • The audition involves playing certian repertoire (usually specified by the school, though often with some flexibility) in front of that school's professor of your instrument.

  • There will be a separate audition for every school you apply to.

  • Click here for Audition Prep Resources