Summer Program Resources

1. It's great practice for applying to music schools. In many applications for summer music programs, there might be video or live auditions, an essay, and other elements that mimic the college application process. It's a great way to get used to these things--especially making video recordings of auditions--before it comes time to apply for college.

2. Attending a summer music program will result in tons of great musical experiences. This is a little taste of what the music world is like, and what attending music school might be like. In the thick of college auditions and applications, this is great inspiration to remember to keep working hard for your goal.

3. Lots of connections are made at summer music programs--to professors who you might end up auditioning for or getting a recommendation from, to other students who might be in the same position of applying to college to study music, and to counselors who might be current college music students and can give advice about different schools and about the process.

*While summer programs are beneficial for music school applications and general music experience, they are NOT necessary. Most music students have had the experience of being rejected from a summer music program. Do not feel discouraged if a summer music program is inaccessible to you--even the experience of applying is a positive learning experience.

Resources for Applying to Summer Music Programs

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